Three Subsystems

Solar panel cleaning and inspection robot

Kolchar cleaning and inspection robot is specifically designed for mid to large size solar power plants, equipped with its own power source (solar panel and rechargeable battery) for fully autonomous operation. It can effectively clean the solar panels and consequently improve their efficiency. In the meantime, Kolchar can perform smart scan to detect hot spots on solar panels, which significantly reduces the very time consuming and labor intense manual inspection and related O&M costs while extends the lifespan of solar panels.

Wireless remote control and monitoring network system

In our system, robots are distributed in the wide area of solar power plant, relay nodes or multi-hop mesh network can be adopted for implementing reliable long range wireless communications. The control center of solar power plant can flexibly choose from our different gateway products for implementing seamless interconnection between wireless sensor network, local area network and Internet. In addition, Kolchar S2 can work with the optional real-time soiling detection and weather monitoring system to optimize its cleaning strategy, achieving superior cleaning efficiency at minimal cost.

Data storage/analysis and software management system

The sensing and inspection data collected by Kolchar S2 robot can be transmitted and stored in database located in local machine or cloud server according to the needs and requirements of the solar power plant owner/operator. The maintenance or management personnel has the flexibility to use computer, tablet, or smartphone to control and monitor all Kolchar S2 robots in the system through LAN or 3G/4G cellular network so as to efficiently perform O&M tasks. Management staffs can also access and analyze historical data, and make more informed decisions with the assistance of our expert system.

How It Works

Kolchar in Action